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Online Orders - Please Read

All orders placed on this website use Paypal as our payment processor and a Paypal account is not required. We accept most credit/debit cards and Paypal for payment.

When you purchase a table, you will receive 10 seats and you can use any number of them. This means no one outside of your group will be seated at your table.

Drink/Dessert Tickets:

When ordering tickets be advised that drinks are 1 - 4 tickets each and desserts are 3 tickets each. Please order your drink/dessert tickets accordingly.

Drink/Dessert Tickets will be available for pick-up at the drink ticket will call table.

Ticketless Seating System

Our ordering system for seating does not offer printed tickets, instead an email order confirmation with a receipt will be sent to you. Approximately 1 to 2 weeks before the event you will receive, by email, a "Table Assignment Sheet" showing all tables with numbers in the dining hall. Listed on the sheet will be the table number(s) that have been reserved for you and/or your group. Distribute this sheet to others in your group and everyone can print it to bring to the event. This sheet will then act as your ticket.

Mailed-in Orders

Online purchasing is the preferred method of placing your order, but purchases can be done through the mail. Click on the "Download Order Form" button below and open the order form in an application that reads documents in pdf format. Enter the requested information and follow directions on form for mailing. Questions about mailed orders can be answered using contact info on this page or on order form.

Refund Policy

Cancellations requested by February 19, 2019 are subject to a $5.00 cancellation fee to cover costs associated with initial online registration and the cancellation. There is no refund for cancellations after February 19, 2019.

Seating/Table Policy

Seats and/or tables purchased in a single transaction will be located as close together as possible. When purchasing individual seats, we cannot guarantee seats will be at the same table depending upon when and number purchased.

Seating/Table location is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to; number of people in your group, wheelchair requirements and location preference. We try to seat everyone according to preferences requested as best we can, but no guarantees are made as seats are limited.

Help us in our seating/table assignments, please provide as many of the names and emails of attendees in your group as possible.

Questions & Contact Info

For questions about placing an order or seating in general, contact Warren Strand: or (530) 409-9113 .

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For questions or problems with placing your order, contact:
Warren Strand at (530) 409-9113 or

Current Groups To Choose From

Group Name (hover over name to view description)



Acorn's Army

M. Wright


Friends of cci attendee for over 20 years

Auburn Crab Eaters

S. Sartain


We eat crab, lot’s of crab.


P. Dunn


Brittney, Larissa, Tandy, Winner, Prima

Cara’s Kin

C. Lawton


People who love breeder girl Cara and her pups.

Crabby Gross Tables

E. Gross


In total there will be approximately three tables in this party.

Duck Pond

K. Ulm


Puppy in training, Ducky, is very excited to come to her first Crab Feast

Fair Oaks Host Lions

J. Boss


Lions Club

Golden State Lions Club

C. Presley


Golden State Lions Club

Goldens, Labs and Crab

L. Allen


Friends of Laura A.


M. Gulliford




K. Hemness


Hemness family and friends

In Memory of Bella

S. Hada


Friends and Family remembering 5 year love bird who died recently.

JEC Steel

J. Coggeshall



King Louis the 2nd

J. Kirk


Louis is my ervice dog

Naresh's Peeps

C. Gerard


CCI pup Naresh now in advanced training in TX

Olde crabbers

B. Lorenzen


Old people getting crab

Paws and Claws

J. Kelly


Old timers

Rainbow Crabbers

B. Brass


Friends of Pat and Barb and others1


R. Carpenter


Co workers

Rodriguez Embroidery & More Crabbers

E. Rodriguez


Rodriguez Embroidery & More Crabbers is family and friends of the Rodriguez Family.

RRUFF Healing Heroes

V. Curtis


We are a fun group of board members from this noprofit that funds service dog training for disabled veterans with PTSD. Our 5th year! Join our pack for a good time

Steffens Boys

m. Steffens


Lincoln Hills, canine companions for Independence, Lions club‘s, sir group

Titus and Company

D. Vanderford


We want to sit with our deaf friends Maureen and Bruce Thompson

Upper Crustaceans

R. Scolari


friends & family

Wave and Justy

E. Giesbrecht


Friends of Wave and Justy

Winnie woo-hoo

C. Lee


Breeder Winnie

Please select your seating preference:

1) Join Existing Group

You will be able to select from a list of groups previously created by registrants so others can choose to sit with or near them.

2) Create A New Group (Group names are unique)

Enter your own unique group name, group description and preferred group seating area; then by providing other registrants with your group name they will be able to specify your group name in order to sit with or near you.

3) Specify Preferred Area in Hall

Select from 1 of 9 areas in the hall for your preferred seating; with the exception of areas 7 through 9 being reserved for groups and registrants needing wheel chair access.

4) Specify Person

Enter the name of the person you wish to sit next to or near.